Our vision is for all children to feel the joy in believing in themselves, the excitement of believing in the power of the imagination, and the wonders of feeling compassion and kindness.

Welcome to Summer Street !

Home of the Puddlesworth Family

Harry Pierre & PeTunia Puddlesworth invite children to learn and have fun in the delightful environment of their Play Palace, located in Summer Street Art Gallery in beautiful Happy Grove.


America's newest team will encourage children Pre-K thru 2nd Grade to learn an abundance of academic and social behavior skills, and grow in a positive way through original picture book storytelling with live entertainment.

Summer St. April 2012

Summer Street Art Gallery

Puddlesworth Cafe

 Parents & Teachers

Visit and join the HPP CAFE to exchange ideas, fun and more, for your children!


A children’s entertainment palace with the Puddlesworth family

Parents, teachers and caretakers know that the art of communication is vital and essential for children to do well in school and excel in life  The secret is starting them young, keeping it fun, and encouraging their imagination.


Thank you for stopping by.  Please take a look around to meet the Puddlesworth family and maybe your child could be one of the “Little Buddies of the Month”  Just click on Little Buddies to start.


With their entertainment/educational DVDs Harry Pierre & PeTunia look forward to sharing their adventures and fun with all children!


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See Harry Pierre & PeTunia Dance Live!


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Top 40 Family Fun Time-Tips

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