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“Hello  Little Buddies!”

Harry Pierre Puddlesworth is an artistic and creative cat. He is full of wisdom and love for all his little buddies. Harry Pierre likes drawing, painting, spending time with PeTunia and all his friends on Summer Street, but most of all, Harry Pierre loves using his imagination.

PeTunia 165px
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PeTunia is a very curious little doggie and is always excited about the imaginary journeys she takes with Harry Pierre. She loves to ask questions, play dress-up with Genna and loves new recipes to share with her Mother.

“Hello, I’m PeTunia Puddlesworth!”

David Puddlesworth is a kind man and he loves art. He and his wife, Ellen, own Summer Street Art Gallery. He is father to Max, Geena, Harry Pierre and PeTunia.

Ellen 245px

Ellen Puddlesworth is a creative and fun loving artist. She is mother to Max, Geena, Harry Pierre and PeTunia.

Max 180px

Max Puddlesworth is six- years-old. He likes living on Summer Street above  the art gallery. His favorite things to do are riding his bicycle up and down Summer Street, eating lunch in the park, and drawing.

Geena 165px

Geena Puddlesworth is four-years-old. She likes playing dress-up with PeTunia in her mother’s clothes, cooking easy recipes with her mother and father, and she likes using her imagination.

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