Have fun here!   Color Harry Pierre & PeTunia, and more!

Harry Pierre & PeTunia would love to see their Little Buddies artwork!  Pick out a picture and color it.  Send it to Harry Pierre and PeTunia and maybe your picture could be right here in Little Buddies Corner.  Just remember art doesn’t have to be a certain way, it just has to be your way!

Try out PeTunia’s yummy recipes!

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Download the coloring book page of your choice here

Send in your colored pages or recipes for PeTunia to try, too!

See Harry Pierre & PeTunia live !

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Photographs of Harry Pierre & PeTunia at the Puddlesworth Art Studio

Get a taste of PeTunia’s Fun Recipes.  All the family can participate !

Watch  Harry Pierre & PeTunia live in the Puddlesworth Art Gallery, dancing!

Join the Puddlesworth Family...


Laughing Children

... and always have fun with Harry Pierre & PeTunia !


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