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~ Our Mission ~

Harry Pierre & PeTunia and all the Puddlesworth Family are here to entertain, and to enhance the joyful learning of all of our “Little Buddies” also known as “The Puddlibee’s” Puddlesworth Imagination Believers!   Each day the creators of Harry Pierre & PeTunia arise and start the day by envisioning the smiling face and happy clapping hands of your children.   We strive to help you by ...

Enriching Children’s Lives One Story at a Time

Here is how we do much more than entertain.  Our typical video or book includes added elements that assist you in many ways...

 Story Element



Live Characters 

Warm & Cuddly

Children are Captivated

Art Gallery

Exposure to Art Gallery

Art Enrichment

Follow Up Questions

Adult/Child Interactions

Listening Skills/Comprehension

Social Behavior

Compassion, Kindness, Respect

Interpersonal Growth

              Live Entertainment & Narrative Story  Telling

Picture Book Illustrations

Child Using Imagination

Map of the U.S.

Visual Geo Learning

Exposure to Geography

Canvas & Easel

Exposure to Art Tools

Using Imagination

Learning Tree

Exposure to New Words

Word Cognition


New Words Narrative

Vocabulary Growth

Manners and More

PeTunia with a PaddleWord

Meet the Parents who created Harry Pierre & PeTunia and the Puddlesworth Family!


A Friendly Cafe for Parents, Teachers and Guardians ....  share your ideas and experience for the benefit of all. 

Spend a few minutes ....  Add your Ideas, Suggestions, and Questions at the Puddlesworth Cafe....

Puddlesworth Cafe

Relax,  Enjoy the Puddlesworth Cafe Become a Regular Participant!

Questions ?

Ideas ?

Suggestions ?

Art  & Crafts

Behavior & Growth ?

Vocabulary ?

Skills Enrichment ?

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