Announcing our Premier DVD

 “Harry Pierre & PeTunia Puddlesworth, 

#1   The Beginning”

Children will enjoy this delightful introduction of Harry Pierre and PeTunia Puddlesworth.  Available Now!




Share delightful and heartwarming moments with your children as they laugh and learn and build a new friendship with Harry Pierre & PeTunia Puddlesworth in their colorful Play Palace in Summer Street Art Gallery in sunny Happy Grove!  Children will be captivated as they are encouraged to use their imagination on a new adventure every time Harry Pierre opens his sketchbook and tells a story where HE used HIS imagination inspired from a painting in the art gallery.


Harry Pierre tells his story in THE BEGINNING with colorful illustrations of how he became part of the Puddlesworth family on a rainy night in Yellowstone National Park, the changes that PeTunia had to experience having a new addition to the family, and how learning and sharing new things can be fun!

Your Children will want this story to show to your grandchildren.

Collectors note:  Premier Edition Stock is limited!



Limited Time Offer
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11 Summer Street

We invite you to stroll down charming Summer Street  and peek inside Harry Pierre & PeTunia's Play Palace after the  enchanting entertainment flows from their heart to yours!  

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